Talk like a pirate with Pirate glyphicons

Apr 02, 2015

Grab these custom made glyphicons to make it more piratey.

Throughout college, I've been a huge fan of typography, and even considered studying it at the Type and Media Dept at KABK in The Hague. Our mentor, Nikola Djurek has taught us to use the same amount of care with designing icons as well as letters.

Realising there is a lack of pirate glyphicons, I made this, a small addition to the basic glyphicons set. After I've generated the glyphs as a font with FontLab, I wasn't sure what unicodes to assign to them and how to make them easy to use. My holy grail was, which assigns unicodes and even prepares a demo html to test the newly generated glyphs.

To prepare your vectors so that they can function as a glyphicon set, you need to make sure that: 1. your nodes are in the correct position 2. you have the smallest possible amount of nodes to make the desired effect 3. make sure the weights are the same on each of them 4. approximately define the same size for all the glyphs 5. merge all overlapping vectors before generating Download the pirate glyphicons set here

pirate glyphicons