What You Can Get

We build your product from an idea to release. Our agile team works closely with you to design and develop a successful application for your business.

team member
Team Member

Are you looking for a new member of your team or need an extra pair of hands to help you? We easily adapt to your team culture and are experienced in remote and on-site work.

external team
External Team

Sometimes it is wise to keep the focus on your core business and leave software development to an experienced team. We take special care of all technical aspects, from adding new features to deployment and scaling your application.


The best way to learn something is to have a mentor who will guide you and answer questions about tools and techniques that you use. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with others.

What We Actually Do
ruby on rails
Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is a great web framework and we use it for all our projects. We worked with various releases, from version 2.3 to the latest version 5 and we are proficient with it.

user interface design
User Interface Design

We make sure that the interactions are simple and efficient and also corresponds to user's expectations. Interfaces could be built according to wireframes and mockups you provided, into working HTML/CSS, or we can build beautiful design from scratch.

responsive design
Responsive Design

Responsive design has become a standard since more than half of internet traffic is mobile traffic. Using Foundation or Bootstrap we create sleek layouts. We pay attention to optimising images and content while preserving high quality in order to make them load as fast as possible.

pair programming
Pair Programming

It is no secret that two is more than one. We often do pair programming to share our knowledge, hunt a bug and ensure the best possible quality of our code.


We worked remotely with Refactorit on a rather complex Ruby on Rails-project including frontend development. After having worked with other developers, we chose Refactorit due to their good reputation and stayed with them for about 1 and a half years until the project was finished. They immediately proved to be very professional, reliable and skilled at what they do. It was always a pleasure to work with them and we would be glad to work together again if there is an opportunity in the future.
Daniel Haese, Wortwink